Obamacare Will Be Repealed and Replaced by the End of July

Folks all this BS about impeachment and using the 25th Amendment is pure unadulterated FEAR! The house of cards is beginning to fall and there is nothing they can do to stop it! Obozocare is on life support and is waiting for the plug to be pulled out! Our President has played Mitch McConnell perfectly this past week. There is nothing the Democrats, MSM, Uniparty, Globalist or Barry can do to stop the train from running them over!

Our beloved President will have a major victory by the end of this month! Obozocare will be repealed and replaced and everyone will come out of it a winner! Including most importantly the “Forgotten Men and Women” that our Lion promised will not be forgotten anymore!

This has been in the works for a while but Mitch the Globalist Bitch didn’t want to use it! Our President has smartly aligned himself with Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. Mitch the Bitch wants a bill that would only help the moderates which would devastate the Forgotten Men and Women. Why? Because it would tear our Lion’s base away from him. By sending out that tweet on Friday, he has castratred that plan because Lee, Paul and Cruz wouldn’t vote for it. As you will see from Lee’s comments below, if they don’t enact what the 3 of them are proposing, you can kiss the repeal and replace goodbye. They will force Mitch and the other 49 morons to send the 2015 repeal bill to our President. That is called CHECKMATE!

Mitch has two choices in front of him. Go forward with the revised bill which includes leaving the 3.8% tax + the 0.9% tax on the wealthy that earn $250,000 a year in investment funds which would be used to subsidize the folks that have to purchase BarryCare, additional billions for opioids (up from $2.5 billion to $40 billion) and some towards Medicaid sliding scale.

Senator Mike Lee was on Deface the Nation earlier today. I found a transcript of the interview because I will never watch any of these POS. The only time I view their show is when SD post’s them here on a Sunday.

The good news is that if the bill is passed, rates will plummet for those not needing the Obozocare policy with all the bells and whistles. The forgotten men and women will not be forgotten!


From the article linked above:

MIKE LEE: Look this bill, the one we’ve been discussing in the Senate, has bailouts for insurance companies. It has hundreds of billions of dollars in tax relief for the affluent. It even has some provisions for the poor. Who it leaves out are the forgotten man and the forgotten woman. Those earning a combined household income of $75,000 or so who have been left behind. And these are the people who helped propel President Trump to victory last November. We need to do more to help them and to make sure they can purchase the kind of health care they want and the kind of health care that is affordable for their families.

MIKE LEE: Well the death spiral is what we see with Obamacare right now and the fact is that by guaranteeing them at least one Obamacare compliant plan, we’re guaranteeing them exactly what they have now but giving them more options. Options that would inevitably unleash free market forces, that would in turn bring down the price of health care. That’s what we want to do. As to those who would be on the Obamacare compliant plan still, there are ways of funding those. There are ways of making sure that those don’t go down into a downward spiral.

And look if we can’t get this done, I have made clear if we can bring free market forces to bear, we can bring down cost for middle Americans. But if politically, for some reason we can’t get that done what we ought to do is get back to what I’ve been suggesting for the last six months which is to push full repeal and then embark on an iterative step-by-step process to decide what comes next.

Here is some more great news:

Folks we are inching closer and closer to this first major legislation passing and benefiting everyone involved! They will be shocked by the score in terms of healthcare costs for non Obozocare customers. They have opened Pandora’s box with no going back!!!


From the article linked above:

Senate Republicans are asking the Congressional Budget Office to analyze a healthcare bill that includes changes proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Axios reported Saturday.

They are also asking the independent scorekeeper to come out with an estimate on a healthcare bill without the proposed changes, in an effort to better understand the potential effects of Cruz’s plan.

And the cherry on the sundae:

The House Freedom Caucus is putting their full weight behind the Cruz amendment! They are saying that if the Cruz amendment is part of the final bill, the House will go straight to an up and down vote saving a tremendous amount of time! This could be all wrapped up and signed by our President by the end of July!


From the article linked above:

“We have to have either the Cruz amendment or the MacArthur amendment, or something that does a similar thing in reducing premiums,” Meadows said.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, MacArthur said he accepts the Senate approach, which would significantly loosen Obamacare’s existing state waiver requirements.

Meadows noted that the Senate bill isn’t likely to change in the House before a vote on final passage.

“There is 75 percent chance that whatever passes the Senate comes here for an up or down vote,” Meadows said.


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