Germany and Russia Are Screwed Because We Will Dominate In Energy Production

Wow our President is destroying all of them! Germany is so screwed. You can’t talk shit about Russia and what they are doing with Crimea and Ukraine but out of the other side of your mouth want a pipeline built from Russia to Germany. I absolutely LOVE the leverage he has on Germany but more importantly on Russia. Putin knows it and has to make some serious concessions in Syria and his relationship with Iran and North Korea. I don’t think our President cares about Crimea and Ukraine. He wants ISIS and the rest of the creatures of Satan eradicated off the face of the earth and Russia could really help in getting it done. Don’t forget 70%+ of Russia’s export is fuel. It is their lifeline.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. is expected to become the world’s third-largest exporter of LNG in 2020, just four years after starting up its first export terminal. U.S. exporters have sold most of that gas in long-term contracts, but there are still some volumes on offer, and more export projects on the drawing board.

Cheniere Energy Inc (LNG.A), which opened the first U.S. LNG export terminal in 2016, delivered its first cargo to Poland in June. Five more terminals are expected to be online by 2020.

Tellurian Inc (TELL.O) has proposed a project with a price tag of as much as $16 billion that it hopes to complete by 2022, in time to compete for long-term contracts to supply Poland that expire the same year and are held by Russian gas giant Gazprom (GAZP.MM).

Europeans will be watching to see whether Trump clarifies his administration’s position on a new pipeline to pump Russian gas to Germany, known as Nord Stream 2.

The U.S. Senate in June passed a package of sanctions on Russia, including provisions to penalize Western firms involved in the pipeline. The new sanctions have stalled in the House of Representatives.

The U.S. State Department has lobbied against the pipeline as a potential supply chokepoint that would make Europe more vulnerable to disruptions.

The threat of sanctions adds to tensions between Washington and Berlin. Germany’s government supports the pipeline, and Trump’s position on it is a concern for European diplomats.

2 thoughts on “Germany and Russia Are Screwed Because We Will Dominate In Energy Production

  1. Fle, you’re releasing a BUNCH of great stuff today! THANK YOU for all of this incredible info! And our Lion is a builder, is he not? May I dream in your space for just a bit? Why not a Russian pipeline to Western Europe and a POLISH pipeline to Eastern Europe? Why couldn’t we (USA) deliver BUNCHES of loads of LNG to our friends in Poland PLUS help them build pipelines and import/export terminals? And WHY couldn’t we teach our Polish friends how to do their own hydraulic FRACKING?

    I have NO IDEA whether it would make good business sense but I’m dreaming here. Let POLAND service LNG (whether from USA or even from Russia) to those wonderful folks in the Czech Republic and Austria and Slovenia, as well as constructing another pipeline to service Slovakia and Hungary and Romania! (Doesn’t mean we’re refusing the possibility of Poland also providing – if needed – LNG to the folks in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.)

    And HEY! If there were yet another import/export terminal say, down around Slovenia (somewhere on the Adriatic Sea) or even at CROATIA (it could happen!), then LNG could be more easily imported from Cyprus, Lebanon and ISRAEL! LOL! Can you say “brand new bi-lateral trade agreements, boys and girls? Sure you can. I knew you could!”

    I DON’T want to squeeze out Russia ‘cuz they need the money and we need them on our side to help us deal with China and with ‘Lil Fat Boy Kim. BUT I want them to have some, umm…competition to help our buddy Vlad stay “honest” (LOL!)


    If you LIKE our LNG, we will SELL you more LNG! ROTFL!

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