April 2018 Would Be the Beginning of the End of the North Korean Regime

Last night I wrote the following on the thread Sundance from http://www.theconservativetreehouse.com posted about this missile launch. Fellow Treeper, rf121, pushed back. The fact that we now know this missile could hit Alaska, time is truly running out. It is not our President’s fault that nothing was done during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administration that has allowed NK to be on the cusp of sending a nuclear bomb to the US. If the sanctions Sundance speaks about doesn’t do the trick, April 2018 may mean the beginning of the end of this regime that wants to BLOW US off the face of the earth. Casualties suck but at what point do American lives supersede those casualties in Asia?


From the article linked above:

Missile scientist and security expert David Wright earlier wrote in a blog update that the missile “would need to fly on a very highly lofted trajectory to have such a long flight time” and could have a possible maximum range of 4,160 miles — enough to put Alaska within range.

And it comes three months after the regime paraded its military might in a massive public parade. That latest test-launch could help answer the question of what was in canisters seen on display during the April 17 event.

I think the next time NK does one of their military parades where they march their weapons and military personnel on their streets in Pyongyang, our President and Secretary Mattis should bomb the living shit out of them! Throw 5 to 6 MOABs at them simultaneously! Yes there will be large numbers of civilian deaths but we would completely neutralize them and kill Fat Man and many of his generals. This is getting to the point all options have to be considered. Our President can say he did everything to get this done diplomatically but it just wasn’t meant to be. You will have your normal outcry from the Left and MSM but many Americans will thank him for neutralizing NK once and for all.

rf121 says:
July 3, 2017 at 11:38 pm
Pretty loose with the lives of those South Koreans. That will not go over well no matter how we try to rationalize it.

fleporeblog says:
July 3, 2017 at 11:45 pm
At what point do we realize that casualties will happen. In four years you will be saying the same about the West Coast of the US.

rf121 says:
July 3, 2017 at 11:57 pm
So better a few 100,000 South Koreans die now to prevent an attempted strike on the US with unproven capabilities. Little fat man has a long way to go before he is a danger to us.



2 thoughts on “April 2018 Would Be the Beginning of the End of the North Korean Regime

  1. Fle, please forgive me if I’m hogging your reply box. I DID read your exchange with rf121 and I didn’t jump in because of personal weariness and because I think rf121 is a troll. The person being reckless with the lives of South Koreans (and with the lives of Japanese, and Russian and Chinese people and Asean member nations) is rf121 (and Russia AND China and Iran).

    Either Russia or China (or even some other responsible Nation-State) should’ve/could’ve had this mess cleaned up decades ago. It should not be up to the USA. Seems like we always get stuck with the clean-up and of course, Iran, Russian and China would love to see our Nation distracted from MAGA. And of course, they would love to blame us for mass casualties in North Korea. And of course, they want to assess our war-fighting capability and tactics.

    Our ASTONISHING President inherited this mess not only from the traitorous (but otherwise feckless) prior administration but also through the irresponsibility of Iran, China and Russia. Again it is the USA that is expected to pull everyone’s chestnuts out of the fire. Maybe we can. Maybe we can’t. Since we are THE MOST blessed nation on Earth, we should be able to work miracles, right? Miracles can be manifested through many avenues but Signs from Heaven most often are demonstrated through whole COMMUNITIES united in prayer.

    Yes, That could mean the Japanese, Russians, South Koreans and Chinese Christians praying with us. That level of cooperation is AT LEAST worth reaching toward.

    However, the continued brutality, recklessness and belligerence of NorKor’s Little Fat Bully is evidence of the total LACK of respectability of China, Iran and Russia. Again, it could’ve/should’ve been done a LONG time ago.

    I am convinced that our precious Gen. Mattis (may Heaven guide and protect him) is a very DANGEROUS man but he wishes no harm to any harmless person on Earth. I sincerely believe that when our dear Sec. of Defense warns that war with NorKor would be catastrophic, I think he’s saying “catastrophic for the hostage civilians of North Korea who are being used as human shields”. And that would be MOST civilians and many military personnel. They are being used as slaves and kept as human shields/hostages.

    Our beloved President Trump is reaching for every lever he can pull to try to prevent fires from hell from being deployed against North Korea. He has done everything possible to demonstrate to the NorKors that EXTRAORDINARY force is available to use against them. AND, I believe our Lion loves North Korean children just like he loves his own son and our own children. Regrettably, the response from North Korea has also been irresponsible and options for avoiding a nightmare appear to be few, at present.

    I sincerely believe that – should monstrous force be necessary – the “conflict” would be essentially over within 3 or 4 hours. The only South Koreans or Japanese or Chinese or Russians who might come to harm would be those few who refuse to take cover when warned. And this is not 1950. I think Nuclear weapons are entirely unnecessary. But even I am unable to fully comprehend the amount of non-nuclear power that can be deployed in just moments. The results would be quick. However they would be – as our reverent but deadly Sec. Def. says: “catastrophic”. NO SANE PERSON wants this to take place. The ongoing suffering and repercussions would also be hellish.

    The Chinese could open their borders to refugees. Even the Russians and South Koreans could take some civilian refugees. Where have they been through all of this? Oh, yes. Waiting for the USA to clean up the mess. I know you’re praying with all of the rest of us that never has to happen. May God have mercy on those among the North Korean population who are innocent of this monstrosity. They are far less guilty than those who have stood by, doing nothing. May God have mercy on us all.

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