Poker Has Never Been Played So Well at Such a High Level

Our PRESIDENT is on the cusp of getting them all to talk about the UNIPARTY!

Folks I can’t tell you how excited I am right now! Our President is a gift from GOD that we must protect and cherish. This tweet has sent Mitch and the other Uniparty Republicans into a coma they may not come out of.

Our President has put nearly all his chips (55 million of the 63 million votes from November’s Election) into the middle of the table. The Uniparty realizes that our President knows all they have is an Ace high in their hand. He will let them stew on this reality over the 4th of July weekend. If nothing is getting done by the time he is ready to leave for Poland and the G20, his next tweet as Air Force One is about to take off will be to all 52 Republicans that he wants the bill they put on Barry from Hawaii’s desk sitting on his desk when he returns for his signature. That tweet is when he puts in the remaining 8 million (votes) chips meaning at that point, HE IS ALL IN!

SD has educated us about the Uniparty. We represent less than 1% of Americans that get it. Our LION is about to educate 65%+ of Americans about them shortly. Republicans will have to show that they never ever intended to get rid of Obozocare. That bill in 2015 was a mirage. They knew damn well it would never go through. That was their bluff which our President is NOW calling them out on! These RATS have a short period of time to think long and hard how to get 50 MORONS to vote yes!

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