ARMAGEDDON May Occur in Less Than 24hrs if Justice Kennedy Retires

I am praying this evening for Justice Kennedy to announce at some point in the afternoon that he is retiring effective immediately. What an incredible way to start the week.

From the article linked above:

Action is expected on President Trump’s travel ban before the court’s long summer break but the biggest news of all would be if Kennedy were to use the court’s last public session on Monday to announce his retirement, the Associated Press reported Saturday.

Kennedy has played an important role as the court’s swing vote on many important rulings. His departure would allow conservatives to wrest near total control of the bench for the foreseeable future.

The WAPO is preparing its readers for what they are describing as ARMAGEDDON! Chuck the Duck will have absolutely no recourse since he allowed Mitch McConnell to use the nuclear option on Neil Gorsuch.

From the article linked above:

So if Kennedy is inclined to retire, it is hard to begrudge him that choice. But his departure would be terrible for the court and terrible for the country. It could not come at a worse time. Any court vacancy these days, under a president of either party, triggers a battle between liberal and conservative forces. Kennedy’s retirement would unleash nomination Armageddon, given the feral political environment and the pivotal role he plays on the closely divided court.

One of the final 3 candidates to replace Justice Scalia was Thomas Hardiman.

From the article linked above:

Hardiman is known for protecting gun rights and taking an originalist approach to Second Amendment cases.

However, the man that will cause some to literally commit suicide if he is the ultimate choice is William Pryor. He also was one of the final 3 candidates to replace Justice Scalia.

From the article linked above:

Pryor is perhaps the most polarizing figure of the potential nominees, with some groups thinking he leans too far right

When President George W. Bush nominated him to his current post in 2003, Senate Democrats refused to allow Pryor’s confirmation, calling him an “extremist,” citing his position on both Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas as examples.

Pryor, 54, has been an especially outspoken critic of abortion rights, calling Roe v. Wade “the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history.”


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