Mitch McConnell Can’t Take it Anymore!

Folks Mitch McConnell just can’t take it anymore! His wife has been beating him over the head every single night for the past month. She is tired of our President telling her to be patient with the $1 trillion dollar Infrastructure bill. He has to continue to tell Elaine that her project is currently third on the list. He has to tell her that her husband could easily get the Infrastructure bill ready for execution as soon as he takes care of Repeal and Replace and Tax Reform.

Elaine is very impatient! She knows that her name will be etched in stone once America is rebuilt. They will name a bride and highway after her.

Mitch also realizes his reputation is on the line. He knows damn well that the current Kentucky Governor, Bevin, with the backing of our president would primary his ass in 2020! Bevin is at every event our President has hosted. He was at the rally in Louisville. He was on the tarmac in Ohio last week when our President talked about Obamacare. He actually used a family from Louisville, KY in his speech. Sean Spicer took a question from a Kentucky reporter that had the audacity to ask about the relationship between our President and Governor Bevin yesterday.

Last night while in bed with Elaine, he had to hear the Handel folks chant TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP for over 10 seconds. It was awkward for Karen. She looked to her husband for help. She finally disrupted the chant by referencing that our VP also deserved credit. Elaine at that point told Mitch to get the hell out of bed and go sleep with the dogs.

WOW! It seems to be working:

From the article linked above:

Senate Republican leaders on Thursday morning will post online their proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Wednesday.

The bill should be available by 9:30 a.m., and Senate Majority Leader John Cornyn, R-Texas, told reporters a price tag for the GOP proposal is expected Friday from the Congressional Budget Office.

McConnell is calling the plan a “discussion draft,” and said Tuesday a vote on legislation could happen as early as next week.

McConnell said Obamacare must be changed because it is collapsing and becoming unaffordable.

“For the past seven years Republicans have offered ideas for a better way forward,” McConnell said. “Soon we will finally have the chance to turn the page on this

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