WE are WINNING! The future is so BRIGHT!

Folks we are WINNING and it is really miraculous when you step back and realize it!

Generation Z is the workforce that will embrace our Lion’s Apprenticeship program and carry Trumpism forward for the next 50+ years. It is truly a marriage made in HEAVEN!


From the article linked above:

You know all those teenagers with their face plastered in their iPhones, the ones skateboarding everywhere and whiling away their free time playing video games? Turns out they’re actually paying attention to politics — and they aren’t big fans of the only political party they’ve known up until now, the Democrats.

A new national survey by My College Options and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation gathered info from a whopping 50,000 “Generation Z” high school students ages 14 to 18 to gauge their political attitudes on the 2016 election. In what will surely be a surprise to the older generations yelling at Gen Z to get off our lawns, the survey found that a majority identify as Republican.

While all these kids will be able to vote in the 2020 election, let’s take first-time voters alone to start. The survey found that 46 percent of the 18-year-olds surveyed voted for Trump; just 31 percent went for Hillary Clinton. Sure, 6 percent said they “would choose not to vote in this election,” but just 11 percent went third party.

THIS IS AMERICANA at its best! Our Lion preparing the way for the future! I got so emotional when I watched that video knowing that the future is bright and AMERICANS will fulfill those 6 million plus jobs because of the Apprenticeship Program! Their kids will be told about the Lion that saved America. They will be brought up in homes that parents are financially able to make it and prosper.

Here is an image that shows the love between our Lion and his cub (Generation Z)!

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