Obamacare is DEAD and There Isn’t Anything They Can Do About it

Don’t get caught up with all this BS about not having enough votes to pass a bill for repeal and replace. As much as the GOPe in the Senate want to kill the repeal bill and replace bill, the pressure will be so great because every single week that goes by, more and more of these stories will be unfolding.


From the article linked above:

Anthem, the largest health insurance provider in Ohio, is pulling out of the state health insurance exchange next year — leaving 20 of the state’s 88 counties without an insurer.

It offered individual plans in all 88 Ohio counties in 2017 — and in 20 of them Anthem is the only insurer offering plans.

And by the way, this is the first state of 14 that Anthem will be pulling out of. Anthem is killing them by deciding one at a time rather than pulling the band aid off all at once.


A new analyst report says there is reason to believe that major Obamacare insurer Anthem “is leaning toward exiting a high percentage” of the insurance regions where it currently sells individual health plans.

If that happens, millions of Obamacare customers and potential customers would be left in 2018 with even fewer choices of insurers than they have now.

Anthem currently insures more than 800,000 individual plan customers in 144 rating regions in 14 states.

Other major insurers, including Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna and Humana, have already scaled back their footprints in the Obamacare markets.

But Anthem’s exit would potentially have a bigger impact.

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