Only 10% of Police Officers in London Carry a Gun

Folks, if i told you that 90% of Police Officers in the City of London cannot carry guns, you would think I was crazy and spreading FAKE NEWS! I wish I was……

From the article linked above:

LONDON — The London Bridge attack and a similar one in March near the heart of Britain’s democracy may have been shocking, but authorities have known for years that such incidents were coming.

Last year — when Brits watched terrorists strike France, Germany, and Belgium — London’s police chief warned it was a case of “when, not if” the U.K. joined that list.

And yet more than 90 percent of the capital’s police officers carry out their daily duties without a gun. Most rely on other tools to keep their city safe: canisters of mace, handcuffs, batons and occasionally stun-guns.

Yet at the press conference today, multiple questions where asked of Sarah about our President’s tweet and intentions of picking a fight with the mayor. You truly can’t fix stupid and this is as bad as it gets! Terrorist attacks will continue to happen monthly as long as the Jihadist face no opposition from the police!

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