You Reap What You Sow! It May be too Late for the U.K.

I decided to do some research about the U.K. policy around allowing jihadist back into their country after fighting in Syria and Iraq. Here is what I have found:

From the article linked above:

Britain should encourage jihadis fighting in Syria and Iraq to “come home”, the former global counter-terrorism director of MI6 has said.

However, Richard Barrett, a former counter-terrorism chief at MI5 and MI6, said repentant fighters needed “to know that there is a place for them back at home”.

From the article linked above:

The homegrown jihadists fighting for ISIS: How one in four foreigners who have signed up for Islamic State is British – and how half of them are ALREADY back in the UK

500 of the 2,000 estimated foreign ISIS fighters are believed to be British
MP believes that figures are ‘nonsense’ and figure closer to 2,000 Britons
Majority are flying to Istanbul then catching a bus over the Syrian border
Government reveals that only 23 passports have been seized this year
More British Muslims fighting for ISIS than serving in the British Army

From the article linked above:

A former soldier who is fighting against the Islamic State today warned more than 2,000 British jihadis have joined the death cult.

The 46-year-old Gulf War veteran is fighting alongside the Peshmerga, the name for the Iraqi Kurdistan forces, and is due to become an official member.

He said he had been “moved to tears” after seeing families broken up and women and children being beheaded during the conflict.

Folks this will be a continuing occurrence in the U.K. for years to come unless they wake up like the man in the 3rd article that has had enough. The U.K. needs thousands more like him!


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