We Must Pray that the Diplomatic Approach Works in NK or Else…

When listening to our Mad Dog during his interview on Deface the Nation, he said something that made my ears perk up. He said that he wishes that diplomacy will resolve the situation in NK. He went onto say otherwise there will be a tremendous loss of life. Immediately I thought about Seoul and possibly Japan. However, I am now convinced that he was talking about the NKs. We have our third carrier group on its way to the Sea of Japan. That is an incredible amount of firepower.


This paragraph from the article linked above was interesting:

The measures adopted on Friday could have been agreed by the council’s North Korea sanctions committee behind closed doors, but Washington convinced China to back a public vote on the blacklist, amplifying the council’s unhappiness with Pyongyang’s defiance of a U.N. ban on ballistic missile launches.

I think President Xi realizes that our Lion will only be patient for a short time. The man bombed the sh….t out of a base in Syria and informed President Xi while eating a delicious piece of chocolate cake. Xi must have said to himself that this man means what he says and will take matters into his own hand.

God forbid that time does come, the amount of coordinated bombs that will rain down on NK will be so overwhelming and destructive that they won’t be able to get off many if any of their missiles. There will be 10+ MOABs dropped simultaneously. The destruction to NK will be astronomical in numbers.

Mad Dog and our Lion know it! They will do everything possible to prevent it. However, if it happens, it will be because they had no choice. They will pray for the dead!


2 thoughts on “We Must Pray that the Diplomatic Approach Works in NK or Else…

  1. Fle, we are in 100% agreement in this regard. I believe Gen. Mattis HATES war. I believe he prosecutes war so severely because he wants to STOP IT as quickly as possible. I believe he is fearful for the precious civilians of NorKor and he KNOWS they’re being held hostage by force and by fear.

    I think Iran’s “leader(s)” REALLY DO want to bring about the day of their “12th Imam” (the “Mahdi” – they should have stuck with Paul – Muad-Dib from “Dune”) and the little fat-twerp from Norkor REALLY DOES think he can get away with his BS. And BOTH OF THEM would choose to use nukes as aggressors just as soon as they can avail themselves of the technology.

    I believe Gen. Mattis is a man of mercy and wants NOTHING OTHER than peace for all people. However, I think he will use war – NIGHTMARISH war, if necessary – as a means to get to peace. Our President has chosen wisely in selecting Gen. Mattis. PLEASE pray for the precious people of North Korea that their “leader(s)” might also choose wisely.

    May God have mercy on us all.

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