Hell Will be Seen on Earth for Barry and His Minions

KG will be the one that turned the entire paradigm to what will occur afterwards. She will become despised by the SJW, left, MSM, Globalist etc 10 years from now. We on the other hand will hate her for what she did and the consequences for our First Family, especially Barron but also know it lead to their destruction. What this woman did and now this BS will make our precious FLOTUS want hell reigned on earth for it. Luckily for her and us, her husband sits in a position to let the bombs roll every single day for the next 7 years and 8 months.

I will never forget the words of our Lion about the number of red lines that were crossed by Assad in Syria after seeing with his own eyes the carnage. Do you think for one minute that his wife and he both agree the red line was crossed when it comes to their 11 year old son. And now this article that states her intentions of going after him months in advance. If our President was going to let bygones be bygones, that all went out the window. Whenever Melania and Barron share what it was like witnessing the image and the thought that his day was killed and his head paraded on tv, the blood level will reach a boiling point.

HRC, John Podesta, Barry from Hawaii, John Brennan, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, James Clapper, Jim Comey etc. will see what it is like in the very near future to cross Melania and our Lion. Folks, all they ask of us is to be patient but hell will be paid here on earth. I have no doubt in my mind!

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