We Have To WIN the Battle for Our First Family

Folks our President and First Lady gave us a mission! Every time I think of a Barron’s reaction of seeing that image and thinking for those few seconds that his dad had his head chopped off, I cry in anger for him, our First Lady who had to assure him that his dad was ok and our President that told us he would take slings and arrows for us.

Please watch this video if you need motivation.

We need to DESTROY this woman! She cannot have the ability to perform again in our sacred country! A couple of wonderful Treepers have provided us info we can use to win this BATTLE for our First Family.

Below is a link to her upcoming schedule:


Growltiggerknits shared the following we can use and adapt for each location she is going to perform at:

In view of Kathy Griffin’s outrageous stunt normalizing beheading and inciting violence I hope you would reconsider if this performer is someone who should be showcased at State Theatre of NJ. Her despicable behavior typifies the problem with MSM and with the liberal intelligentsia. Nothing goes too far if it attacks someone they disagree with.
What kind of a message does this send to children? What damage does it do to the fabric of our society? What does Ms. Griffin care if it brings her media exposure & jobs.
I hope the leadership at State Theatre will stand up against this kind of bullying, fascist, destructive behavior and cancel Ms Griffin’s performance.
Sincerely (from a 20 year + patron)

Deplorable and Proud provided us the locations and telephone numbers to contact:

Here’s a list of her upcoming shows and the phone #s of the venues if you’d like to call and make your feelings known. This is the best way to hit her where it hurts!

The Mirage – Las Vegas, NV: 702-791-7111
Veterans Memorial Auditorium – Grass Valley, CA: 530-274-8384
Uptown Theater – Napa, CA: 707-259-0123
Sunset Center – Carmel, CA: 831-620-2048
Community Arts Center – Williamsport, PA: 570-326-24524
St. George Theater – Staten Island, NY: 718-442-2900
State Theater – New Brunswick, NJ: 732-247-7200
Bergen PAC – Englewood, NJ: 201-816-8160

yy4u provided us the addresses to actually send written letters to:

We always “consider the source” and take the high road. NOT THIS TIME. POTUS needs us to stick up for him. He has our back; we need to have his. Write these people (the phone lines are bound to be busy).

Uptown Theater
1350 Third Street
Napa CA 94559707

Community Arts Center
220 W. 4th Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

St. George’s Theater
35 Hyatt Street
Staten Island, NJ 10301718

State Theater
15 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Bergen PAC
30 N. Van Brunt Street
Englewood, NJ 07631

If the FBI, DOJ and Secret Service won’t do their jobs, we the people need to drive her into bankruptcy.

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