HUGE is an Understatement When it Comes to the 3 Subpoenas

This is beyond HUGE! The subpoenas are not for the 3 POSs to testify but to the NSA, FBI and CIA. Not to any particular person but the entire damn agency. Are you kidding me! We have our White Hat in the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers and the head of the CIA is a Trump appointee, Mike Pompeo. The POS Andrew McCabe is the current head of the FBI but also on a short list as Comey’s replacement (we all know that will never happen but it is fantastic that he still thinks he has a chance).

James Comey will not testify next week! That was a complete smokescreen because of the earthquake those 3 subpoenas caused today. Sh…t face also issued 4 subpoenas that are identical to the 4 the Senate Intelligence Committee issued to Michael Flynn and Gary Cohen. Again a complete smokescreen to take the focus away from the real earthquake.

This means that the information that is being requested will flow like water! Especially since the FISA court just ripped these agencies to pieces for the way the operated during the Obozo administration. Plus 702 is up for reauthorization later this year. Congress will need full cooperation in order to reauthorize 702. Americans on both sides of the aisle are sicken by the government invading our privacy.

Rep. DeSantis clearly states the reauthorization and what is expected before reauthorizing it in the clip above.

Soon afterward, these 3 POS will be subpoenaed to testify in person. You will hear the 5th amendment invoked over 1,000+ times between the 3 of them. As they walk out the doors from the hearing, FBI agents will be there to place handcuffs and take them to a federal prison to await trial. Yes I am embellishing but I truly believe in my heart that the day will come given the hurt our First Lady and President feel for their son Barron for what he had to endure for those split seconds thinking his dad was dead and his head chopped off!

Folks our Lion didn’t send that tweet as an error last night! Covfefe has a meaning to Barry from Hawaii and his treasonous minions. Don’t be shocked it is the name for this covert operation!


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