The State of Texas is Incredible

I absolutely love the state of Texas and will be visiting San Antonio with my wife and daughter this summer for a week. I also have a rental car which will allow us to visit other parts of the state. I have the utmost respect for Governor Abbott. It would not shock me one bit to see him be our 46th President of the United States. He has such admiration for our President and vice a versa.

This state is the perfect model for Trumpism! What the Governor signed into law recently is going to send shockwaves across the US. The law begins on September 1, 2017.

From the article linked above:

1) It’s not just police who will enforce immigration
2) Officials can be removed for not complying with the law
3) It encourages people to turn in their local government or university officials
4) Victims and witnesses could be asked about their immigration status
5) It promises to defend those who are sued for complying with the law

Those illegals living in Texas have a few more months to decide their ultimate faith! Do they stay and hope they never are picked up (very doubtful). Do they decide it is time to go back home (some will but it will be small numbers). Or do they decide to find a haven that will protect them (We Have A Winner). Many will choose item #3. California better brace themselves because that state wants to be a sanctuary state. NYC is also a good place but the weather may deter them.

Over the next 7+ years, Treepers that live in this awesome state will give us ground reports on how that 1 million is down to a few thousand. For everyday Americans living in Texas, your lives and the lives of your kids and grandkids has and will get a thousand times better. With the unleashing of the Energy sector coupled with running a million illegals out of your state, the future is beyond bright!


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