Our President is Right! Time to Get Rid of the 60 Vote Rule for Passing Legislation

Our President is absolutely correct! I know that SD is concerned that if we go there, the majority rules and it would put us closer to a monarchy versus a republic.

Below is the article where SD makes his case against a 51 vote majority in the Senate:


I actually think that it would empower voters even more. The House could be one political power while the Senate could be the other. That would be true checks and balances. However, if the voters want one party to have the majority in both chambers, that is their choice and should be respected.

There is no way in 2018 that we will loose the Senate! It is 100% likely in my book that we will increase the number of Republican Senators from 52 to 60+.

Our President will campaign for 2018 the way he did for his own election. He will live in the 10 to 15 states we will flip! We have 9 Republicans up for reelection. Six are guaranteed while the other 2 are guaranteed except who the Republican will be (TX and AZ). The one state to be concerned with is NV but early projections have it leaning red. That means our President will go after the 10 Democrats up for reelection in states he won as well as states that can be picked off! In his interview with Judge Jeanine, he told you that Chuck the Duck will be completely irrelevant after 18′. That is because he knows we will have a super majority of 60+ Republicans. The scum of the swamp know it and are mortified they can’t stop it!


We will win the following 8 Republican Senate seats: MS, AL, TN, TX, AZ (Dewit), WY, UT, NE The only concern is NV (Dan Heller)


From the article linked above:

10 Democratic senators are running for reelection in states Trump carried last November. Trump won half of those states — Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia — by double digits. That means that 20 percent of all Democratic seats up in 2018 are in states Trump won by double digits and 40 percent are in states that the president-elect carried last November.
It’s not just that Democrats have so many vulnerabilities. It’s that Republicans have so few.

What also excites me about that tweet is that Mitch the Bitch will be running for reelection in 2020! The same year our President will be running. Kentucky is a state that our President dominated in 2016. The Governor of KY is very well liked and respected by the citizens of KY as well as our President. You want to turn the heat up on Mitch, start sending out rumors of a possible Senatorial run by the Governor. Mitch also has his wife chewing his ass out every single night! She knows that the Infrastructure Bill won’t happen until Obamacare is repealed and replaced and tax reform is done. If Mitch drops this 60 vote rule for legislation, that Infrastructure bill will occur at some point next year. SUCKS to be MITCH THE BITCH!

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