NATO is the Biggest LOSERS in the World!

I listened to NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, press conference earlier today. This man is a moron and I can’t tell you how angry I am by what he had to say! This bastard is talking about a 10 year plan to get NATO countries to contribute their 2%. That means they have until 2024 before it is required. Our LION will tell them they can stick that 10 years where the sun doesn’t shine.

He than goes onto say on a few different occasions that NATO will not engage in combat in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the ME. He talks about the fact that their job is to train, assist and advise. I hope Mad Dog tells them that the USA is taking care of combat and advising the Iraqi and Afghan forces.

This bastard was proud of the fact that they have 4 combat battalions ready and will continue to deploy them as part of the Ukraine, Crimea mission. ARE YOU FU….KING KIDDING ME! I hope our President tells Russia to join the fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups throughout SE Asia, ME and Africa.

Here is the greatest shame of them ALL! Muslim nations have had enough and will work with our Lion to destroy the terrorist both on the battlefield as well as in the cyber world and financially. How many realized the following that was announced at the end of the Arab Summit:

Trump & 55 Muslim-majority states sign pact pledging 34,000 troops to fight ISIS in Iraq & Syria.

From the article linked above:

Described as the Riyadh Declaration, the document was signed following US President Donald Trump’s visit to the Saudi capital for a summit that brought in Islamic representatives from 55 countries, and vowed “to combat terrorism in all its forms, address its intellectual roots, dry up its sources of funding and to take all necessary measures to prevent and combat terrorist crimes in close cooperation among their states.”

The exact membership of what the communique called the Middle East Strategic Alliance will be decided next year, but putative members have committed to assembling “a reserve force of 34,000 troops to support operations against terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria when needed.”

Yet the NATO coalition isn’t quiet there yet! They better pay that 2% by the end of this year and they better get their asses on the battlefield.

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