Obamacare is Dead and We are Seeing More Evidence of It!

I will tell you what is scaring the SHIT out of the CoC, Uniparty, Democrats, Big Club, Barry from Hawaii and his damn legacy. Our Lion has them cornered and they are screwed!


From the article:

While insurers released a blueprint Monday for stabilizing wobbly markets, the Trump administration is leaving in limbo billions of dollars in federal subsidy payments.

The administration and House Republicans have asked a federal appeals court for a 90-day extension in a case that involves federal payments to reduce deductibles and copayments for people with modest incomes who buy their own policies.

The fate of $7 billion in “cost-sharing subsidies” remains under a cloud as insurers finalize their premium requests for next year. Experts say premiums could jump about 20 percent without the funding.

“You know when people say, ‘Oh, Obamacare is so wonderful,’ there is no Obamacare, it’s dead,” Trump said in a recent interview with The Economist magazine. “Plus we’re subsidizing it and we don’t have to subsidize it. You know if I ever stop wanting to pay the subsidies, which I will.”

Our Lion tweeted the following this morning:

From the article linked in the tweet:



Comparing the 2013 average premiums using the MLR data with the 2017 average premiums obtained using CMS MIDAS data shows average premiums were 105% higher in 2017 than in 2013 and that the median state premium increase was 108%. Moreover, 62% of states using Healthcare.gov had 2017 average premiums double average premiums in 2013. Further work could approximate the relative contribution of the various ACA provisions, such as benefit mandates, guaranteed issue, and rating rules, to the overall premium increase in this market.


From the article linked above:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, which serves health care consumers across Missouri and Kansas, announced Wednesday it would not participate on the ObamaCare exchanges in 2018.

The company offers plans to consumers across 32 counties and said the decision will affect 67,000 individuals.

Earlier on Wednesday, the CEO of the nation’s second largest health insurer, Anthem (ANTM), expressed uncertainty about whether it would continue servicing consumers next year in the 14 states where it currently operates.

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