This Poll Will Scare the Democrats to Death

Folks we are winning even though it looks like the world is upside down! I have referenced this poll recently but it paints a story that gives me hope. Please take a look at the section below I pulled from the link. Imagine what these numbers will be when they poll the same folks after the Seth Rich revelation. A good number of these kids are part of Bernie’s army. 48% of the 2,654 (between the ages of 18-29) consider themselves to be Democrats.

Young Americans Believe Nearly Half of Facebook Feed To Be “Fake News.” Overall, 81% of 18 to 29 year olds have accounts on Facebook, 56% on Instagram, 53% on Snapchat and 42% on Twitter. Facebook users believe that nearly half (49%) of the news appearing on their Facebook feed is “fake news.” Republicans believe there is more (56%) “fake news” in their feed, compared to Democrats (42%) and Independents (51%).

10% Give Mainstream Media an “A” for Coverage of President Trump During First 100 Days. As the first 100 days of President Trump’s administration comes to a close, 18 to 29 year olds graded both President Trump’s performance and the mainstream media’s coverage of the president with more F’s than A’s. 10% gave the media an A, 22%: B, 26%: C, 14%: D and 26%: F.

Three-in-Five Believe President Trump’s Plan to End Unfair Trade Practices Will Make America Better. When asked about a set of President Trump’s proposed policies using the administration’s policy language, 60% of young Americans say that “‘cracking down’ on countries’ illegal and unfair trade practices that hurt American workers” would make America better, while 13% respond that it would make America worse. Young Americans from each party view ending unfair trade practices favorably: 85% of Republicans believe it would make America better, along with 50% of Democrats and 58% of Independents. When asked about the policy’s impact on them and their families if implemented, 37% indicate it would have a positive impact and 14% say it would have a negative impact.

By 2:1, Young Americans Believe Empowering Law Enforcement Will Make America Better, With Lower Levels of Support for Health Care and Immigration Policies. A plurality of young Americans support “ending the ‘anti-police’ atmosphere in America and empowering law enforcement” (48%: “make America better”; 24%: “make America worse”).

40% gave the media a D or an F in terms of the coverage of our President’s first 100 days! The Democrat party is DEAD! Every group they have targeted is slowly but surely being pealed away in large numbers.

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