Voter ID and Illegal Aliens

Folks this is what is scaring them to DEATH! Our President through DHS and AG are going to clear out many if not all illegal aliens in the US! Many will begin self deporting this summer.

From the article:

By one estimate, 300,000 eligible voters in the state lacked valid photo IDs heading into the election; it is unknown how many people did not vote because they didn’t have proper identification.

From the article:

‘It’s not an emergency. All I want is to be deported,’ man says in 911 call.

Sanchez remains in custody at the county jail and is set to be arraigned on May 31. The arrest report says Sanchez should be held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Queens school turns away immigration agent looking for 4th grade student

From the article:

MASPETH, Queens — An immigration agent without a warrant tried to search a Queens elementary school for a student, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office said Saturday.

The immigration agent showed up at P.S. 58 on Thursday asking about a student in 4th grade, Mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips said. The school turned him away.

This will be on all the radio stations and news channels this afternoon in NYC. The effects of this will have many illegal aliens self deport this summer!

One thought on “Voter ID and Illegal Aliens

  1. flepore, my reaction to this post has had me fuming at JSOnline since you brought this forward. I haven’t been able to put my rage into words until now. I personally KNOW a number of people from Wisconsin and I can – without hesitation – say that JSOnline does NOT represent the wonderful people from that beautiful State. And that is the most DAMNING thing I can say about JSOnline. What a privilege it would BE to ably represent Wisconsin! They are VERY special to me – yet JSOnline is excreting on the very high privilege that’s been offered to them! They are worse than the SNAKE that our President talks about. As I say, I personally KNOW a number of people from Wisconsin and I KNOW they would do EVERYTHING possible to accommodate people who truly do want to vote. This is not the first time I’ve read anything from JSOnline but they now remind me of nothing more than what happened to the Tennessean. Globalist filth. THANK YOU for bringing this out!

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