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I really believe that our President has Ambassador Grenell speaking out every chance he gets because he is going to pull the trigger and have our troops stationed in Germany moved over a period of time to Poland.

Our President is going back to Poland sometime in September. That is when it will be announced.

Poland is spending billions on our LNG. They also plan on spending billions to build Fort Trump.

From the article linked above:

An aide to Poland’s president says that President Donald Trump will visit Warsaw from Aug. 31 through Sept. 2 to take part in observances marking the 80th anniversary of World War II.

Poland is among Washington’s closest partners in Europe, with cooperation focusing on defense and energy security.

The head of President Andrzej Duda’s office, Krzysztof Szczerski, said Tuesday that Trump would arrive in Warsaw on the evening of Aug. 31.

The next day Trump will take part in ceremonies in Warsaw marking 80 years since Nazi German troops invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939 starting the war.

This is why I love our President so much! Who as President would ever take the time to make this call after finding out the truth about the man that was removed. He must’ve seen this clip.

God bless this PATRIOT for his commitment to our country and our President.

From the article linked above:

President Trump on Thursday called the man he mocked for having a “weight problem” at a New Hampshire rally earlier that evening after discovering he was a supporter.

A senior administration official said Friday that after campaign staff got the rallygoer’s contact information, Trump called him from Air Force One on the way back to Bedminster, N.J. The president left a voicemail message.

The man, Frank Dawson, a law enforcement and Navy veteran, was interviewed by Fox News Thursday night following the rally and revealed he was a Trump supporter, adding that he ripped signs out of the hands of nearby protesters at the rally.

“He didn’t see me rip the signs away from those three people that were sitting near us, and they were trying to cause a ruckus,” Dawson told Fox. “It wasn’t going to happen beside me because I’m trying to listen to my president.”

“I think he thought I was part of it, but I wasn’t. I was the good part of it,” Dawson added.

Dawson said Trump’s mockery of him didn’t change his opinion of the president. 

“I love the guy,” Dawson told Fox. “He’s the best thing that ever happened to this country.”

Antifa was back at it yesterday in Portland! I hope and pray that our President follows through on his tweet.

What happened to this man was absolutely disgusting!

Many more videos can be seen in the thread below.

Meanwhile the POS Mayor is patting himself on the back that no one was killed.

Voter id opponents lose again!

From the article linked above:

Opponents of election integrity lost the latest in a long string of cases recently when a three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated North Dakota’s voter ID requirement and tossed out an injunction that had been issued by a lower court.

In Brakebill v. Jaeger, Judge Steven Colloton, writing for the 2-to-1 majority, concluded that the supposed burden of obtaining an ID by the less than 0.5% of all eligible voters who do not already have one did not justify a statewide injunction that prevented the state from implementing the ID requirement.

The majority rejected the plaintiffs’ contention that requiring voters to have a residential street address is discriminatory, citing former Associate Justice John Paul Stevens’ opinion in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board (2008), in which the Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s voter ID requirement.

He is the one that will beat our Lion in 2020 according to all the pundits. I don’t think so!

From the article linked above:

Joe Biden drew only 30 supporters to an event held at the same time as President Donald Trump’s massive rally in New Hampshire on Thursday.

The Eagle-Tribune, a local Massachusetts newspaper, reported the former vice president’s campaign only enticed “about 30 supporters” to attend an event held in Manchester, New Hampshire at the same time Trump was hosting his rally in the state.

The best 40 second video showing real winning.

The state that the Democrats took for granted is going to destroy them once again in 2020!

From the article linked above:

President Trump is polling better in the critical state of Wisconsin than he did when he won the state in 2016, according to a poll conducted recently by progressive media company Crooked Media and research company Change Research.

The President’s job approval rating among Wisconsin voters is 48-51%. His personal favorability rating is 45-51%. His approval rating on the economy is 50-48%,” Crooked Media said in a press release on Thursday.

Trump’s 45% is higher than the average 40% who said they would vote for him in 2016, according to RealClearPolitics.

Crooked Media’s Dan Pfeiffer, who was a senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, wrote in a blog post about the poll, “Anyone who thinks Donald Trump will be easy to beat in Wisconsin is sorely mistaken, and the path to the White House for a Democrat gets very narrow without Wisconsin.”

The poll also found the top issue among Wisconsin is immigration.

I love it! ICE continues to raid businesses.

From the article linked above:

On Friday in Barboursville the community was abuzz about rumors of an ICE raid in area.

The parking was full outside of the Tortilla Factory: A Mexican Kitchen, and some people WOWK-13 News ran into were hoping to grab a meal at their favorite Mexican restaurant, but unfortunately its doors were closed for business.

However, According to a note on the door of the Mexican restaurant . . .  ICE was here.

The not read: “Hungry? Thank ICE. Montani Semper Liberi”

Meanwhile the WALL continues to be built and our President plans of putting up more money next year to make sure the entire job gets done.

California is turning into a complete shitshow! This woman explains why.

Love all the boat owners that show their support for our President in different parts of our country.

The 9th Circuit is literally changing right in front of our eyes.

From the article linked above:

A U.S. appeals court Friday again declined to block new rules from the Trump administration that prohibit clinics that receive federal funds from referring patients for abortions.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a request from more than 20 states, Planned Parenthood and the American Medical Association to suspend the rules while their case against them is litigated, according to The Associated Press.

A three-judge panel and an 11-judge panel had already decided that the rules could go into effect while the administration appeals district court rulings against them. Oral arguments are slated to begin next month.

Winning every single day under PDJT!


News Roundup! The Left Are Just Plain Dumb, Voter Registration Update, 63% Believe PDJT Wins In 2020, 3rd Quarter Real GDP Rate Revised Upwards, China Lost the Trade War & May Lose Their Entire Economy, Epstein’s Lawyers Refute Medical Examiner’s Conclusion, Hannity Clips, Big Win In 9th Circuit, Tlaib Exposed As A Fraud…..

The Left decided today to run with the following hashtag #EmptySeatMAGATour.

I guess The Hill and the MORONS on the Left didn’t expect this reporter to confirm that a record was actually set last night.

From the article linked above:

  • Trump claimed he broke Elton John’s attendance record at a Manchester, New Hampshire arena on Thursday night
  • Eye-rolling followed, with opponents showing images of empty seats
  • But the Manchester Fire Marshal’s Office told that it had counted 11,500 people entering the building, and a few more may have slipped in
  • That would break Elton John’s 2004 record of 11,300, according to what arena officials told the fire department
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Mitchell Cady said he and his staff estimated another 8,000-9,000 people couldn’t get in and watched video screens outside
  • They marked off where the outdoor crowd stood, computed the size of the area and used a standard equation to determine how many people fit there 

They absolutely picked the wrong night! Here are more photos and videos that show how humongous the crowd was.

This gentleman had some great comments about the rally.

Larry Schweikart provided a voter registration update for those states that allow you to track the data.

Arizona (as of July & a state our President won in 2016)

  • Democrats – 1,185,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 1,329,000 registered voters
  • Democrats are up +94,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are up 98,000 since November 2016
  • Republicans net +4,000 since 2016
  • Republicans lead by 140,000 slightly down from peak lead of 150,000

Colorado (as of July & a state our President lost in 2016)

  • Democrats – 1,042,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 993,000 registered voters
  • Democrats are down -8,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are down -50,000 since November 2016
  • Democrats net +42,000 since 2016
  • Each gained 3,000 since March. Democrats lead shrank by 3,000 since March

Florida (as of June 30 & a state our President won in 2016)

  • Democrats – 4,955,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 4,716,000 registered voters
  • Democrats are up +50,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are up +143,000 since November 2016
  • Republicans net +93,000 since 2016
  • Democrats overall lead in the state down to 239,000 from 330,000 in 2016

Iowa (as of July & a state our President won in 2016)

  • Democrats – 613,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 640,000 registered voters
  • Democrats are down -16,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are down -22,000 since November 2016
  • Democrats net +6,000 since 2016
  • Republicans lead overall by 27,000

North Carolina (as of July & a state our President won in 2016)

  • Democrats – 2,476,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 2,015,000 registered voters
  • Democrats lost a whopping  -299,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are down -64,000 since November 2016
  • Republicans net +183,000 since 2016
  • Democrats overall lead in the state down from 646,000 in November 2016 to 461,000 as of July

Nevada (as of July & a state our President lost in 2016)

  • Democrats – 596,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 524,000 registered voters
  • Democrats are up +1,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are up +26,000 since November 2016
  • Republicans net +25,000 since 2016
  • Republicans continue to gain (large spike in the last few months)

Pennsylvania (as of July & a state our President won in 2016)

  • Democrats – 4,033,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 3,231,000 registered voters
  • Democrats are down -119,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are down -49,000 since November 2016
  • Republicans net +70,000 since 2016
  • The state continues to lose voters (Democrats -250,000 since 2012)

New Mexico (as of July & a state our President lost in 2016)

  • Democrats – 572,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 379,000 registered voters
  • Democrats are down -27,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are down -20,000 since November 2016
  • Republicans net +7,000 since 2016
  • Democrats retain a big lead. At one point Republicans had gained almost 11k since 2016.

New Hampshire (as of May & a state our President lost in 2016)

  • Democrats – 278,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 294,000 registered voters
  • Democrats net +4,000 since 2016
  • Republicans lead overall by 16,000

Maine (as of July & a state our President lost in 2016)

  • Democrats – 347,000 registered voters
  • Republicans – 287,000 registered voters
  • Democrats are up +9,000 since November 2016 while Republicans are up +2,000 since November 2016
  • Democrats net +7,000 since 2016

Larry’s summary can be found below.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are praying to Lucifer for a recession in the worst way. The problem for them is twofold. The Economic Train continues to crisscross our country picking up passengers and running over her enemies while Democrats running for President have been a total disaster in the first two debates.

Look how much the percentage that believe our President will win in 2020 has gone up since February.

After Thursday’s retail report, the St. Louis Federal Reserve updated their forecast for the 3rd Quarter real GDP rate.

The Chinese have already lost the trade war! Now they are fighting not to lose their entire economy.

From the article linked above:

US President Donald Trump’s trade war has enraged the Chinese government but it has also attracted some support among the Chinese people. A Twitter account run by Chinese immigrants in the US translates all his tweets for more than 100,000 followers – many of whom see Trump as a human rights advocate.

For at least four hours each day, Jeff Ding, 45, pays close attention to the Twitter account of @realDonaldTrump

With every new tweet, Ding rapidly translates the president’s words into Chinese for @Trump_Chinese. The freelance engineering consultant in Los Angeles who hails from the same Central China province as Chairman Mao Zedong, is one of the three volunteers running @Trump_Chinese.

They are all Trump supporters that are critical of the Chinese government and hope to “spread Trump’s messages in the Chinese-speaking world”, says Ding. The account, which translates as “Trump’s Chinese synchronous tweets” in English, notes its mission is to help followers “understand the theories of governance through Trump’s tweets”.

Even Epstein’s lawyers aren’t buying the conclusion from the medical examiner.

On Hannity yesterday night, they discussed the medical examiner’s conclusion plus much more. You can find the clips below.

Another major victory came out of the 9th Circuit that could have major implications on nationwide injunctions.

From the article linked above:

A federal appeals court sided with the Trump administration on Friday in the legal battle over its efforts to limit asylum claims from Central America – blocking, for now, a nationwide injunction that blocked the implementation of the rule.

Last month a California federal judge blocked the rule that would require migrants to first apply in one of the countries they cross on their way to the U.S. – with certain exceptions. The rule is tailored to target Central Americans from the Northern Triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who would travel across multiple countries, including Mexico, before claiming asylum in the U.S.

But the San Francisco federal appeals court for the 9th Circuit on Friday ruled that the injunction imposed by the California federal judge can only apply in states within the court’s jurisdiction in the western U.S. The ruling says that the court failed to discuss why a nationwide injunction was necessary to remedy the harm alleged by those immigration advocacy groups named in the lawsuit.

“The district court clearly erred by failing to consider whether nationwide relief is necessary to remedy Plaintiffs’ alleged harms,” the ruling says. “And, based on the limited record before us, we do not believe a nationwide injunction is justified.”

With this ruling, anyone crossing the border into Texas (1,254 mile border with Mexico) or New Mexico (170 mile border with Mexico) will have to show they applied for asylum in the first country they crossed. It will allow them to be sent right back to that country without being able to file asylum in our country. If they say they didn’t do that, they get sent back to their country of citizenship.

I love that the POS was exposed for what she and her Party really are, anti semites!

Our President called her on her BS and decided to have some fun at her expense.

These are the animals she supports!

News Roundup! Zogby Poll, Who Is Attending PDJT’s Rallies, Ilhan & Rashida Not Welcomed In Israel, PDJT’s Presser, Winning For Truckers, Walmart Is Booming, U.S. Productivity Is Rising, Rally Recap Videos & Pictures, Get You KAG Hat…..

This had to cause convulsions amongst the Democrats, Leftists, MSM, Never Trumpers etc.

From the article linked above:

Trump’s support with his base has increased drastically; Nearly half of Hispanics approve of Trump

“President Trump continues to score well with younger Millennial voters aged 18-29 (46% approve/50% disapprove) and Generation Z voters aged 18-24 (44% approve/53% disapprove). Usually, Trump does best with voters over 50, but in our latest poll, he is receiving solid support from voters under 50–a majority of Generation X voters aged 30-49 approved of Trump’s job as president (51% approve/49% disapprove).

The President also received a good approval rating with voters aged 25-54; he received a majority job approval rating from older Millennial voters aged 25-34 (52% approve/47% disapprove) and middle aged voters aged 35-54 (52% approve/46% disapprove). Among the oldest voters surveyed-aged 65+ and 70+ , Trump’s job approval rebounded (57% approve/42% disapprove and 62% approve/38% disapprove, respectively). As per usual, the president did well with men (58% approve/41% disapprove) and he continued to improve his support with all women (44% approve/53% disapprove).”

NOTE: Our President only got 29% of Hispanics and 8% of Blacks votes in 2016 & still won!

Hispanics, this time around, were much more likely to approve of his job performance (49% approve/51% disapprove), while the president also saw his numbers jump with African Americans. This was his second straight poll with over a quarter support from African Americans (28% approve/70% disapprove).

More and more Democrats are attending our President’s rallies and throwing their support towards him.

People no longer feel the need to hide their support for our President.

PM Netanyahu’s government cited the continued effort of Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to advocate for the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, as the reasons they notified Representatives Omar and Tlaib Wednesday night they would not be granted entry visas this weekend.

Our President sent out a few tweets before the decision was made.

From the article linked above:

Israel on Thursday barred Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering the Jewish state, citing their support for a Palestinian-led boycott movement — a decision that unleashed a torrent of condemnation by Democratic congressional lawmakers.

“The decision has been made, the decision is not to allow them to enter,” Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely told Israel’s Reshet Bet Radio.

[…]  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the announcement by Interior Minister Aryeh Deri by saying Israel is a “vibrant and free democracy” that is open to criticism of its policies, but “with one exception.”

“Israel’s law prohibits the entry of people who call and operate to boycott Israel, as is the case with other democracies that prevent the entry of people whose perception harms the country,” he said, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The decision was made by Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Israel Katz and Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan.

“The State of Israel respects the US Congress, as part of the close alliance, but it is inconceivable that anyone who wishes to harm the State of Israel will be allowed, even during the visit,” a press statement said.

Our President shared some remarks on Israel’s decision before leaving for New Hampshire.

You can find the entire video below and transcript below.

More winning for American workers! This is what happens when you put America First.

From the article linked above:

  • Dozens of truck drivers have told Business Insider that an electronic-logging-device mandate to enforce hours-of-service rules had damaged their ability to make a living and made their jobs more unsafe.
  • But the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Wednesday proposed five changes to the hours-of-service rules.
  • The changes would save businesses across America some $274 million, the agency said.

One of the most despised trucking laws is set to get an overhaul.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which oversees all of America’s commercial drivers, including its 1.8 million long-haul truckers, announced on Wednesday that it would modify its hours-of-service rules, which have been in place since 1937.

You can take your damn recession and stick it up your ass!

From the article linked above:

Walmart (WMT) reported better-than-expected second-quarter earnings early Thursday amid strong U.S. same-store sales and e-commerce growth as it fights for retail supremacy vs. (AMZN).

Estimates: Wall Street expected Walmart earnings per share to slip 6% to $1.21 as revenue ticks up 2% to $130.49 billion. Other estimates pegged sales at around $130.1 billion.

Same-store sales, excluding gas and foreign exchange impact, were seen ticking up 2% overall, according to Consensus Metrix. They were expected to increase by 2.5% at Walmart U.S. stores, and to inch up 0.6% at Sam’s Club stores.

Results: Walmart earnings dipped to $1.27 a share as revenue rose nearly 2% to $130.4 billion. U.S. same-store sales rose 2.8% at Walmart locations and 1.2% and Sam’s Club stores. Walmart’s U.S. e-commerce sales soared 37%, while Sam’s Club saw a 35% gain.

From the article linked above:

U.S. productivity increased at a decent pace in the second quarter, a trend that could lead to higher wages if it continues.

The Labor Department said Thursday that productivity — or output per hour worked — rose 2.3% in the April-June quarter, down from 3.5% in the first three months of the year. The first quarter gain was the best in four years.

Greater productivity is a key ingredient in raising living standards. It enables companies to lift worker pay without raising prices on costumers. The recovery, now in its 11th year, has been held back by historically weak productivity growth. 

Rally recap videos and pictures. Look at the size of the overflow crowd.

The reception our President got was absolutely amazing!

Our economy is booming.

The data speaks for itself.

Blue collar Americans are benefiting the most from MAGAnomics.

What an incredible agenda.

We truly are in charge under PDJT.

The Forgotten Men and Women are no longer forgotten under PDJT.

He is our President not the world’s president.

Live free or die!

We are all children of the same almighty God!

KAG it is! You can get your KAG hat at the link below.

We will never lose under PDJT!

News Roundup! Lies, Lies & More Lies About the Economic Train, Video With Wilbur Ross & Peter Navarro, Germany’s Economy Is Drowning, Philadelphia Shooter Surrendered, PM Trudeau Is In Some Serious Trouble…..

The talking heads decided that yesterday was the day they would take their BS guns and point them at our Economic Train.

MW-HP487_RSAFS_20190815084108_MG.pngEB3I5ifXkAAEjys[1] (2).jpg

The Economic Train today decided to throw a MOAB on their collective heads. Our LION came out and put a BIG SMILE on her face!


I decided to wait to right this because a major economic indicator was going to be released earlier today.

Here is the definition used to indicate when a country is in a recession.

Well here is the data!

From the article linked above:

The advance estimate for U.S. retail sales came in at $523.5 billion in July, an increase of 0.7% (±0.5%) and more than double the consensus forecast.

  Prior Revised Consensus Forecast Forecast Range Actual
Retail Sales – M/M ∆ 0.4% 0.3% 0.3% -0.3% to 0.5% 0.7%
Retail Sales less autos – M/M ∆ 0.4% 0.3% 0.4% -0.2% to 0.6% 1.0%
Less Autos & Gas – M/M ∆ 0.7% 0.6% 0.5% 0.4% to 0.5% 0.9%
Control Group – M/M ∆ 0.7%   0.3% 0.3% to 0.3% 1.0%

In another indication of strong consumer spending, U.S. retail sales are 3.4% (±0.7%) above July 2018. Total sales for May 2019 to July 2019 were up 3.3% (±0.5%) from the same period a year ago.

Retail trade sales were up 0.6% (±0.5%) from June 2019, and 3.4% (±0.7%) a year ago.

Non store retailers were up 16.0% (±1.4%) and miscellaneous stores were up 6.0% (±4.6%) from last year.

From the article linked above:

The New York Federal Reserve’s Empire State Manufacturing Survey unexpectedly ticked slightly higher (0.5) in August to 4.5, beating the forecast. New orders increased after two straight months of declines.

  Prior Consensus Forecast Forecast Range Actual
General Business Conditions Index – Level 4.3 2.5 -2.5  to 6.0 4.8 

The new orders index climbed back above zero to 6.7. The shipments index increased slightly to 9.3. Unfilled orders fell for a third straight month, while delivery times were steady and inventories rose for the first time since April.

70% of our quarterly and annually real GDP rate comes from consumer spending.

For the MORONS that are wishing for the worst for our economy, this right here is why you will never ever achieve your dreams.


From the article linked above:

Monthly reports on the number of new jobs and the unemployment rate can drown out important trends like these two: After four decades of worsening, wage inequality has started shrinking. And in a twist, America’s blue-collar workers are playing the biggest role in driving that reversal.

This may come as a surprise, because education is classically seen as a ladder up the income scale. Despite blue-collar workers often lacking college degrees, their wages have been accelerating faster than those of their white-collar counterparts.

For example: In the past three years, white-collar workers, the sector that the Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies as “Management, Professional, and Related Occupations” and which encompasses 40% of the workforce, have seen their wages grow by nearly 7.5%. During the same period, all other workers, a group composed almost entirely of noncollege grads, have seen their paychecks grow by about 10 percent. 

Moreover, that wage jump has reached not just traditional working-class mainstays, where men make up the majority. It also has reached many workers in women-dominated blue-collar jobs — for example, health support workers and personal care workers. 

From the article linked above:

Big picture: The steady pace of consumer spending at local retail stores and Internet sites is a reassuring sign for a U.S. economy that’s facing mounting hurdles, particularly a festering trade dispute with China that’s sent Wall Street stocks tumbling. Economic growth has slowed around the world and that could also spell trouble at home.

The saving grace for the economy is a healthy labor market and low unemployment rate that’s given households enough confidence to spend at levels sufficient to keep the U.S. out of recession.


Our KILLERS know the truth!

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appeared (in studio) on CNBC to discuss the current state of the U.S. economy, the ongoing issues with communist China, the ‘next step’ trade tariffs and the situation in Hong Kong.

I can listen to Peter Navarro speak all day and night! He is an ASSASSIN. He has had his eyes on China for a very long time.

He appeared on Fox News to discuss the status of the U.S-China trade negotiations and the reason for a USTR delay on some product tariffs.

Keep the following in mind about Wall Street and the Federal reserve.

50% of all companies manufacturing in China are U.S. owned multinational corporations. Those companies don’t want tariffs to succeed in disrupting their supply chain. As a consequence those Wall St. Corps also don’t want lower U.S. Fed interest rates designed to combat China’s currency devaluation.

Lets take a look at the most powerful economy in Europe. Germany is as close as one can be to a damn RECESSION!


From the article linked above:

A decline in exports dampened growth, according to official data, which comes amid concerns of a global slowdown.

Gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 0.1% compared with the previous quarter, according to the Federal Statistics Office.

That takes the annual growth rate down to 0.4%.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, narrowly avoided a recession last year.

In other news, the armed standoff between Philadelphia police and a suspect who shot six officers ended shortly after midnight when Maurice Hill, 36, a local man with a lengthy history of gun convictions, surrendered to authorities.

From the article linked above:

Police sources identified the gunman in a standoff at a Tioga apartment building that left six police officers injured as Maurice Hill, 36, a Philadelphia man with a lengthy history of gun convictions and of resisting attempts to bring him to justice.

After Hill’s surrender, Johnson said in an interview with CBS3 that Hill called him around 8:30 p.m. on his personal phone “in a panic.”

“I told him, ‘you gotta surrender, man,’” said Johnson, who added that he has known Hill for about a decade.

Public records show that he has been arrested about a dozen times since turning 18, and convicted six times on charges that involved illegal possession of guns, drug dealing, and aggravated assault. He has been in and out of prison; the longest sentence handed him came in 2010, when a federal judge gave him a 55-month term.

And, his record would indicate, he does not like to go to prison. In 2008, he was convicted of escaping, fleeing from police, and resisting arrest. Along the way, he beat criminal charges on everything from kidnapping to attempted murder.

The POS from Canada was slapped across the face with reality yesterday. This comes with only two months left before Canada votes on their next PM.

The Canadian Office of Ethics completed their investigation of PM Justin Trudeau and whether he inappropriately used his office to influence and pressure the Canadian Attorney General to drop criminal charges against a political ally and donor, SNC-Lavalin.

Section 9 of the Canadian Ethics Act prohibits “public office holders from using their position to seek to influence a decision of another person so as to further their own private interests or those of their relatives or friends, or to improperly further another person’s private interests.”

The investigation found:

Prime Minister Trudeau used his position of authority over Ms. Wilson‑Raybould [AG] to seek to influence, both directly and indirectly, her decision on whether she should overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision not to invite SNC-Lavalin to enter into negotiations towards a remediation agreement.

Therefore, I find that Mr. Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Act.”

The POS ran to the cameras to defend himself.

The MSM in Canada absolutely loves the POS. They will do everything in their power to cover for him. The people of Canada will ultimately have to choose on October 21st. They better choose wisely.

Meanwhile, we will never lose under PDJT!

‪News Roundup! First Step Act, Economic Train, Americans Getting Jobs In Mississippi, Wall, Mitch Is the Grim Reaper, Don Has A Lemon Problem, Computers Confiscated On Epstein’s Island, Energy Dominance, Big Tech Is In Our President’s Crosshairs, Trade Deal With the U.K., Left Going After Terrence, ICE Buildings Shot At…..‬

These anecdotals are so powerful! They show exactly who PDJT is. He took action when his predecessor did absolutely nothing for Blacks.


Blacks also understand that the push for illegals by Democrats hurt them the most.


Recession my ass! The Economic Train is continuing to crisscross our country picking up passengers while running over her enemies.


From the article linked above:

“This is a confirmation that small business owners remain very optimistic about the economy despite all the talk about ‘slowing,’” the NFIB  said in its report Tuesday. “Expectations for business conditions, real sales, and expansion posted solid gains.”

Expectations for better business conditions increased as did those reporting the current period as a good time to expand. The share of small business owners expecting higher sales rose. Plans to hire also improved but a record-high share of business owners complained it is difficult to hire workers.

I guess the BS rhetoric that Americans won’t do the jobs illegals are hired for can be put to rest. I won’t hold my breath.


From the article linked above:

Days after immigration agents arrested 680 Latino workers in a massive workplace sting at seven Mississippi chicken processing plants, job seekers flocked to an employment fair Monday in hopes of filling some of those now-empty positions.

By 10 a.m., a crowd of dozens was on hand, and steady stream of people came and went. Most were black and spoke with accents from the American South. A few appeared white or Hispanic.

The 25-year-old has worked in chicken plants before and was considering a return, but wanted to see if wages had gone up. Plants in recent years have typically paid $11 to $12 an hour, according to labor statistics, but Nicholson said he wants $15 an hour.


The WALL continues to get built and more importantly, it is working!




Dana is absolutely right!


The Turtle doesn’t give a shit about the radicals on the Left, MSM, Democrats etc. He actually enjoys screwing the POSs out of their Utopian dreams.


From the article linked above:

I learned a long time ago to pay close attention to the precise verbiage of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell usually says what he means. It’s others who divine meaning and interpretation onto the language of the Kentucky Republican. But, without fail, McConnell says exactly what he means.

Consider what McConnell said during a recent appearance on WHAS Radio in Louisville about guns.

“We’re going to begin these discussions over the August break and when we get back  [Sept. 9], hopefully, we’ll be in a position to agree on things on a bipartisan basis and go forward and make law.”

So, let’s parse what McConnell didn’t say. 

The majority leader didn’t say the Senate would have a formal “debate” on the Senate floor about firearms, as at least a couple of news outlets reported. McConnell didn’t say the Senate would even consider a bill.

“I want to make a law,” McConnell said.

Such a proposition would entail the Senate debating actual legislation. But McConnell didn’t commit to that. The majority leader was vague about what bill or bills could be candidates to become law. He also indicated prospective legislation would have to score 60 yeas to overcome not one but two rounds of filibusters. And  McConnell gave himself a potential exit ramp from the whole enterprise.

“It has to pass the House,” McConnell told WHAS, adding it “has to be signed by President Trump.”

There’s no special code in McConnell’s locution. Any bill requires passage by the House and Senate, plus the signature of the president, to become law. But, McConnell is simultaneously, and overtly suggesting, something else. There may be no way the House, Senate, and president can come together on anything. It’s hard enough to get all three on the same page with garden-variety legislation.

Don Lemon has some serious problems he is facing. It couldn’t happen to a better POS!


From the article linked above:

He’s soured on Lemon.

A former Hamptons bartender says in a new lawsuit that Don Lemon assaulted him after the CNN host disgustingly fondled himself at a local watering hole.

As alleged in his complaint, Hice, 38, told The Post, “About 5 or 10 minutes later, Don gets up, walks around the bar, comes up right up to me and puts his hands down his board shorts. He rubs himself aggressively, his penis and whatever else down there.”

Lemon then “shoved his index and middle fingers in Plaintiff’s mustache and under Plaintiff’s nose,’’ according to Hice’s suit, which was filed over the weekend.

“And he goes, ‘Do you like p—y or d–k?’ And he kept saying, ‘P or D? P or D?’ He said it three or four times. I’m like, ‘Whoa man, what the hell?’ ” Hice claimed.

One can only imagine what is on those computers confiscated on Epstein’s Island.


From the article linked above:

  • FBI agents seized computers from wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein’s home in the Virgin Islands during a raid of the private island owned by the late accused sex trafficker.
  • The footage shows that at least two computer desktops and an Apple computer were packaged and marked to be taken away from Little St. James island as part of the FBI probe.

Energy Dominance now and in the foreseeable future!




Big Tech is about to feel the wrath of our Lion.



From the article linked above:

A former Google insider claiming the company created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms – in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content – delivered roughly 950 pages of documents to the Department of Justice’s Antitrust division Friday.

The former Google insider, who has already spoken in to the nonprofit organization Project Veritas, met with on several occasions last week. He was interviewed in silhouette, to conceal his identity, in group’s latest film, which they say exposes bias inside the social media platform.

He told this reporter on his recent trip to Washington D.C. that the documents he turned over to the Justice Department will provide proof that Google has been manipulating the algorithms and the evidence of how it was done, the insider said.

Project Veritas will have more later today on it.



From the article linked above:

The head of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said he’s prepared to break up major technology platforms if necessary by undoing their past mergers as his agency investigates whether companies including Facebook Inc. are harming competition.

FTC Chairman Joe Simons, who is leading a broad review of the technology sector, said in an interview Tuesday that breaking up a company is challenging, but could be the right remedy to rein in dominant companies and restore competition.

“If you have to, you do it,” Simons said about breaking up tech companies. “It’s not ideal because it’s very messy. But if you have to you have to.”

The European Union has to be losing their minds after seeing this! Never ever forget that our President is an APEX PREDATOR. He understands that by getting this done, it will mark the beginning of the end of the EU.


From the article linked above

Britain and the United States are discussing a partial trade accord that could take effect on Nov. 1, the day after Britain is due to leave the European Union, a senior Trump administration official said on Tuesday.

During a visit to London, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton discussed with British trade minister Liz Truss the possibility of the two countries’ leaders signing a road map declaration toward a trade deal.

That could take place at this month’s G7 summit meeting in France, the official said.

Bolton and British finance minister Sajid Javid discussed the possibility of a temporary trade agreement that covered all sectors. Such a deal could last for something like six months, the official told reporters.

Britain is due to leave the European Union on Oct. 31 and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is prepared to take the country out of the bloc without a deal although he hopes to secure an orderly departure with an agreement.

The current impasse with the EU leaves Britain facing an exit without any formal transition period or legal agreement covering issues such as trade, data transfers and border policy, prompting some businesses to warn of damage to their operations.

During a two-day visit, Bolton told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that President Donald Trump wanted to see a successful British exit from the European Union on Oct. 31 and that Washington would be ready to work fast on a U.S.-UK free trade agreement.

The POS on the Left are going after Terrence Williams. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


The news will never report on this! The Left, Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. are pushing their radicals to this extreme!


From the article linked above:

FBI agents are searching for suspects in connection with shots fired at two ICE buildings early Tuesday morning.

The shooting first reported took place around 3 a.m. Tuesday on the 1700 block of NE Loop 410 near Brookhaven Drive. We’re told another shooting happened at a separate ICE facility around the same time.

Investigators say that multiple shots were fired on two floors targeting ICE officials. No one was hit, but windows were broken in the building.

“I don’t think there’s a question that they knew which floors the ice offices were,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Chris Combs said Tuesday. The building shot at has multiple tenants, with the ICE facility located on upper floors.

“All of the shots that we have found are on the floors where ICE had offices,” Combs explained. “This is no question a very targeted attack. It’s not a secret facility, you can go online, it’s out there. So they did some research, they knew what floors ICE was on, they knew what buildings they were and and they hit those.”




Evening News Roundup! PDJT’s Presser, PDJT’s Remarks On America’s Energy Dominance & Manufacturing Revival, Wall Update, Economic Train, Judicial Armada, Money Talks While BS Walks, Democrats Frightened About Supreme Court Gun Case, Warren Defends Immigrants, 6 Out Of 10 Americans Have An Unfavorable View Of China, Unseen1 Thread…..

There is so much happening in a 24 hour window that it requires me to run another news roundup.

Earlier today PDJT delivered remarks and held and impromptu press conference from the airport in Morristown, NJ, prior to departing for Pennsylvania.

The President: I just see where we’ve collected close to $59 billion in tariffs so far. And, in my opinion, the consumer has not paid for it because of the devaluation by China. They devalued and they pumped a lot of money into their system. So, it’s really been an amazing — it’s been an amazing period of time.

Q Would you consider moving the tariffs, even? Delaying them even further, past December 15?

THE PRESIDENT: No, we’re doing this for Christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on U.S. customers, which, so far, they’ve had virtually none. The only impact has been that we’ve collected almost $60 billion from China — compliments of China. But just in case they might have an impact on people, what we’ve done is we’ve delayed it so that they won’t be relevant for the Christmas shopping season.

Q But is it appropriate for you to be spreading that kind of conspiracy theory? I presume you don’t know that that’s true.

THE PRESIDENT: No, basically what we’re saying is we want an investigation. I want a full investigation, and that’s what I absolutely am demanding. That’s what our Attorney General — our great Attorney General — is doing. He’s doing a full investigation.

Our President also traveled to Pittsburgh, PA, today to tour the Shell Cracker Plant and deliver remarks on “America’s Energy Dominance and Manufacturing Revival.”

In the video below, start it at 23:00 and it concludes at 1:29:30.

More and more of the WALL is being built and there is absolutely nothing that the MSM, Democrats, Leftists, CoC, Koch Brothers etc. can do to stop it.

The Economic Train continues to laugh at the so called experts that say that our country is headed for a recession. The exact opposite is true!

EB3I5ifXkAAEjys[1] (2).jpg

From the article linked above:

The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index rose 1.4 points to beat expectations at 104.7, as rising uncertainly has been reversed and replaced with resilience. Expectations for business conditions, real sales, and expansion all made solid gains.

Prior Consensus Forecast Forecast Range Actual
Small Business Optimism Survey 103.3 103.0 101.5  to 105.5 104.7

“While many are talking about a slowing economy and possible signs of a recession, the 3rd largest economy in the world continues to defy expectations, generating output, creating value, and expanding the economy,” said NFIB President and CEO Juanita D. Duggan.

The Judicial Armada will continue to grow. Our President will have the chance to replace an 11th Circuit Appellate Judge, Gerald Tjoflat, who has served on the federal bench since 1970. He has decided to take senior status (effective on confirmation of his successor).

Nixon appointed him to District Court in 1970, and Ford elevated him to Appellate Court in 1975.

Money talks and BS walks!

From the article linked above:

The Republican Party has long been panned by its detractors as the party of big money and big donors — but donation patterns have changed measurably under President Trump, a Fox News analysis of campaign finance data shows.

Sixty-one percent of money raised directly by the Trump campaign this election cycle came from small donors (donations under $200), according to Federal Election Commission figures.

Campaign finance analysts say the data indicates grassroots enthusiasm for Trump’s populist message.

“Democrats have traditionally been the party that has benefited the most from cultivating a small donor base,” Alex Baumgart, individual contributions researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics, which runs the donation database, told Fox News.

“It’s pretty clear from the numbers that Trump has done a lot to change that dynamic — the populist edge he’s brought to campaigning is clearly something that is resonating with small donors on the right.”

The Democrats are scared out of their minds about the case the Supreme Court is going to hear in the fall.

From the article linked above:

Several high-profile Senate Democrats warned the Supreme Court in pointed terms this week that it could face a fundamental restructuring if justices do not take steps to “heal” the court in the near future.

The ominous and unusual warning was delivered as part of a brief filed Monday in a case related to a New York City gun law. Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, Richard Durbin, D-Ill., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., referenced rulings by the court’s conservative majority in claiming it is suffering from some sort of affliction which must be remedied.

The Democratic senators’ brief was filed in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. City of New York, which dealt with legal limitations on where gun owners could transport their licensed, locked, and unloaded firearms. They are urging the court to stay out of the case brought by the NRA-backed group, claiming that because the city recently changed the law to ease restrictions, the push to the Supreme Court is part of an “industrial-strength influence campaign” to get the conservative majority to rule in favor of gun owners.

If the court still decides to hear the case, a ruling against New York City could prevent other cities and states from passing similar gun control laws.

I absolutely agree with Brandon. I am no longer concerned that our President would allow any Red Flag Law from passing given the fact he mocked Fredo about it.

We are two days away from our President’s next rally!

Our President absolutely understands how to destroy the Democrats running to go up against him in 2020. I showed you the data yesterday. Elizabeth Warren took the bait. Hook, line and sinker!

They are always on the wrong side of an issue!

Excellent thread by unseen1 about the tariffs and how our President now controls the federal reserve and the markets.


News Roundup! Fredo, Tour Of the Shell LNG Cracker Facility, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, Brian Cates Thread, Matt Whitaker With Lou Dobbs, Perfect Storm, Democrats Losing Voters In Louisiana While Republicans Gain Voters, Rally On Thursday, Guatemala Elects A Conservative, Harris Taken To School, Trade Agreement May Happen Between the U.S. & U.K……

The POS from CNN says that calling an Italian Fredo is the same as calling a black person the N word. My mom and dad are Italian Immigrants. There is absolutely no truth to the MORONS assertion.

Don Jr. nails exactly what Fredo means.

Our President and Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, will take a tour of the Shell LNG Cracker Facility. I absolutely love our Energy Dominance on display for the world to see.

In an interview yesterday, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne described a related aspect to the DOJ/FBI operations against candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

He enters the story because of his romantic relationship with Maria Butina, a person charged by Robert Mueller as being a Russian intelligence operative.  He met and started a relationship with Butina around 2015, and later was enlisted by the FBI for assistance in their investigation of her.

He described all of that FBI activity as a political espionage operation to spy on several 2016 candidates, collect dirt, and gain operational leverage.

From the article linked above:

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne delivered to the Department of Justice a number of documents, including emails and text messages, in April, regarding both the origins of the Russian investigation, and an FBI operation into Hillary Clinton with which he was personally involved during the first months of 2016.

Byrne claims the documents, which have not been made public and are currently under investigation by the DOJ, are allegedly communications he had with the FBI concerning both the Clinton investigation and the origins of the Russian investigation.

“I gave to the DOJ documents concerning both the origin of the Russian probe and the probe into Hillary Clinton, both of which I was involved in, and both of which turned out to be less about law enforcement than they were about political espionage,” Byrne told Monday.

This is going to become the greatest political scandal in US history,” he said. “If we survive it, and if Rule of Law returns to America, it will be due to one man: Bill Barr.”

“I ended up in the center of the Russian and the Clinton investigations,” said Byrne. “I have all the answers. I have been sitting on them waiting for America to get there. Last summer I figured out… what they all are is all about political espionage. It had nothing to do with law enforcement, it was all political espionage. Here’s the bottom line. There is a deep state like a submarine lurking just beneath the waves of the periscope depth watching our shipping lanes. And a nuclear ice breaker called the USS Bill Barr has snuck up on them and is about to ram midship.”

“That’s about to happen and I think we’re about to see the biggest scandal in American history as a result. But it was all political. Everything you think you know about Russia and Clinton investigations is a lie,” Byrne told Atman. “It’s all a cover-up. It was all political espionage.”

Connecticut attorney John Durham, who has been appointed by Justice Department investigator Attorney General William Barr is probing the FBI’s handling of the investigation into Russia probe, and according to several sources is investigating the full extent of Byrne’s claims and the documentation he provided in April.

Another great thread by Brian Cates about Jeffrey Epstein and why him being dead doesn’t stop what is about to hit every single POS involved in it.

Matt Whitaker was on yesterday with Lou Dobbs. He called the Epstein death “fishy”.

More information has come out. Call it the ”Perfect Storm”.

  • The Bureau of prisons moved Epstein from suicide watch to a room with bunk beds and sheets.
  • Then his cellmate was removed.
  • Then the guards stopped watching him.
  • Then he hung himself with the bed sheets… Alone in the room with the bunk beds… when no-one was watching, and no-one noticed.
  • No cameras in the corridor or in the cell.
  • One of people watching Epstein before he was found dead in cell ‘not a proper prison guard’.

John Solomon believes in AG Barr. In my mind, AG Barr is the second most important man in our country today.

Our President can’t finish MAGA and KAG with a two tiered Justice System. He knows that and picked the person he believes will take care of it.

More good news coming out of Louisiana where folks are leaving the Democrat Party and Registering as Republicans.

From the article linked above:

The Louisiana Democratic Party continues to decline under a Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards.

The number of registered Democrats in Louisiana has continued to shrink since Edwards became governor in January 2016, and the Republicans’ majority in the state Legislature continues to widen.

Last week, no Democrat even qualified to try to replace three rural House Democrats who are leaving the lower chamber because of term limits. As a result, Republicans are now within striking distance of winning two-thirds of the seats in the House and Senate in the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, during qualifying Tuesday through Thursday, no substantial Democrat stepped up to challenge any of the six Republican statewide incumbents who are running for re-election.

But Chris Cardona, an independent consultant who informally advises Democrats in the South, said Louisiana Democrats should be worried. He cited several factors for the party’s decline under Edwards.

“God, guns and abortion are the main cultural issues that prevent the Democrats from being relevant” in Louisiana, Cardona said. “The national party’s positions on these issues have done a number on our ability to compete in rural districts.”

We have a Rally on Thursday!

The “Trump Effect” has hit the country of Guatemala!

From the article linked above:

Conservative Alejandro Giammattei swept aside his center-left rival in Guatemala’s presidential election on Sunday.

With preliminary results from over 95% of the polling stations counted, the electoral tribunal declared Giammattei the winner with almost 59% of the vote, ahead of his center-left rival, former first lady Sandra Torres, back on 41%.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that this POS got her ass handed to her by this beautiful woman!

You got to love our President! He smells blood in the water and goes in for the kill. At this point I think the U.K. will leave the European Union without a Brexit deal. Soon thereafter, our President will announce the deal made between us and the U.K.

From the article linked above:

British trade minister Liz Truss has said the United States tops her priority list for post-Brexit trade deals and has been in Washington this week, along with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, to promote UK-US ties.

“Now that the U.S. is our largest market for both exports and imports, there has never been a better time for us to make the most of this golden opportunity and deliver a free trade agreement with the US,” Truss said in a statement.

During her four-day visit to Washington and New York, Truss met U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, as well as senior officials and figures from Congress and businesses.

From the article linked above:

The United States would “enthusiastically” support a no-deal Brexit if that is what the British government decided to do, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton told reporters on Monday.

[…]  As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union on Oct. 31, its biggest geopolitical shift since the Second World War, many diplomats expect London to become increasingly reliant on the United States.

“If that’s the decision of the British government we will support it enthusiastically, and that’s what I’m trying to convey. We’re with you, we’re with you,” said Bolton, in London for two days of talks with British officials. The U.S. administration is seeking an improved U.S.-British relationship with Prime Minister Boris Johnson after sometimes tense ties between Donald Trump and Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May.

A central message Bolton was making is that the United States will help cushion Britain’s exit from the EU with a free trade agreement that is being negotiated by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and his British counterpart, Liz Truss.

Our President decided to give Boris Johnson a call today.

Our President is an APEX PREDATOR! I absolutely love that quality in him because WE as a country win!

Evening News Roundup! PDJT Drops the Hammer on Immigrants, $57 Billion Dollar Savings a Year, Brian Cates Thread, American Back PDJT’s Actions, More Warehouse Raids Will Happen, AG Barr, Human Trafficking Arrests Under PDJT, Toyota Is Hiring, China’s Economy Is Falling Off a Cliff, Energy Dominance…..

What an absolutely incredible day of winning! Earlier today, Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices, held a press conference at the White House.

He discussed the fact that the Trump Administration will enforce long-standing immigration laws that require entrants to be economically self-sufficient and limits public welfare benefits.  An entry alien who is -or becomes- dependent on public welfare assistance, is known as a “public charge”.  Aliens will be barred from entering the United States if they are deemed likely to become public charges, or welfare dependent.

The White House put out the following statement (White House Link):

The Trump Administration is taking action to help ensure that non-citizens in this country are self-sufficient and not a strain on public resources.

* The Trump Administration is releasing a final rule that will protect American taxpayers, preserve our social safety net for vulnerable Americans, and uphold the rule of law.

* This action will help ensure that if aliens want to enter or remain in the United States they must support themselves, and not rely on public benefits.

* An alien who receives public benefits above a certain threshold is known as a “public charge.”

  • Aliens will be barred from entering the United States if they are found likely to become public charges.
  • Aliens in the United States who are found likely to become public charges will also be barred from adjusting their
    immigration status.

* President Trump is enforcing this longstanding law to prevent aliens from depending on public benefit programs.

  • The Immigration and Nationality Act makes clear that those seeking to come to the United States cannot be a public charge.

* For many years, this clear legal requirement went largely unenforced, imposing vast burdens on American taxpayers. Now, public charge law will finally be utilized.

ENCOURAGING SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Self-sufficiency has long been a basic principle of our Nation’s immigration laws that has enjoyed widespread support.

* Public charge has been a part of United States immigration law for more than 100 years as a ground of inadmissibility.

* Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed two bipartisan bills in 1996 to help stop aliens from exploiting public benefits.

  • This included the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.
  • As Congress made clear at the time, it is our national policy that aliens should “not depend on public resources to meet their needs.”

* Americans widely agree that individuals coming to our country should be self-sufficient, with 73 percent in favor of requiring immigrants to be able to support themselves financially.

PRESERVING THE SOCIAL SAFETY NET: We must ensure that non-citizens do not abuse our public benefit programs and jeopardize the social safety net needed by vulnerable Americans.

* Large numbers of non-citizens and their families have taken advantage of our generous public benefits, limited resources that could otherwise go to vulnerable Americans.

* 78 percent of households headed by a non-citizen with no more than a high school education use at least one welfare program.

* 58 percent of all households headed by a non-citizen use at least one welfare program.

* Half of all non-citizen headed households include at least one person who uses Medicaid.

Look at the financial savings this will have each year for our country.

Brian Cates put together a fantastic thread on this topic.

The data once again is completely on our President’s side.

From the article linked above:


Preventing Americans from being forced to foot the bill for welfare for newly arrived legal immigrants is hugely popular among U.S. voters. A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted in 2017 revealed that more than six-in-ten voters, or 62 percent, said they would support a plan that bans legal immigrants from receiving welfare for at least the first five years of their residency in the country. Roughly 67 percent of swing voters and nearly 60 percent of black Americans said they would support such a plan.

Another 76 percent of U.S. voters said welfare users should be mandated to prove that they are not in the country illegally before being allowed to obtain public benefits, including 74 percent of black Americans, 77 percent of swing voters, and 63 percent of Democrat voters.

I wrote the following article the other day where I explained why TRUMPISM will be around for 50+ years. It has EVERYTHING to do with Immigration.

More raids of warehouses will be coming in the foreseeable future!

From the article linked above:

The White House has told ICE officials to conduct dozens more workplace enforcement operations this year, a senior immigration official with knowledge of the conversations told CNN.

The news comes on the same day that President Donald Trump said raids like those in Mississippi this week are a “very good deterrent” for undocumented immigrants.

Shortly after the raids in Mississippi that led to the detention of at least 680 undocumented immigrants, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement field offices across the country were instructed to identify at least two locations in their regions as potential targets for workplace enforcement operations, the source said.
Those operations can include criminal investigations, business audits and raids.

AG Barr made a very powerful statement earlier today.

You can find his entire speech and transcript below.

From the transcript linked above:

“Before I begin, I would like to briefly address the news from the Manhattan Correctional Center over the weekend regarding Jeffrey Epstein. This case was very important to the Department. It was important to the dedicated prosecutors and agents who investigated the case and were preparing it for trial. Most importantly, this case was important to the victims who had the courage to come forward and deserved the opportunity to confront the accused in court.

I was appalled – indeed, the entire Department was – and frankly angry, to learn of the MCC’s failure to adequately secure this prisoner. We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and that demand a thorough investigation.

The FBI and the Office of Inspector General are already doing just that. We will get to the bottom of what happened at the MCC and we will hold people accountable for this failure.

Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy. The victims deserve justice, and we will ensure they get it.”

Does this look like an administration that won’t protect kids from these disgusting animals.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

China is seriously hurting! Even their BS data is sinking.

From the article linked above:

President Trump’s tariffs and other sanctions are hitting China at a vulnerable moment. The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reported July 15 that gross domestic product grew by 6.2% in the second quarter, China’s slowest growth since 1992. The actual picture is much cloudier. Beijing has for years cooked the books to make the regime’s performance look better, and they are undoubtedly doing the same now.

Energy Dominance at its best!

From the article linked above:

President Trump has made good on his promise to put “America First.” That fact is perhaps most evident in his economic policy, specifically his treatment of the US energy sector.

Trump is using America’s vast oil and natural gas resources as a tool of influence around the world. The administration is joining its desire to expand America’s access to overseas oil and gas markets – with the more significant aim of advancing its national security goals.

This tariff-based strategy is a far more aggressive use of energy diplomacy than we are used to seeing out of Washington and will benefit our country, both in economic growth and geopolitical power.

Indeed, failing to seize on America’s energy dominance and create economic opportunities for ourselves would be a failure of leadership, especially given that the United States saw the most massive annual increase in oil and natural gas production in history last year.

As a result of the shale boom, the US is the world’s largest oil producer, with output expected to average 12.4 million barrels a day this year and 13.3 million barrels a day in 2020. Likewise, America is the world’s largest producer of natural gas, producing an average of 91.3 billion cubic feet of LNG a day this year and 92.7 billion cubic feet a day in 2020.


News Roundup! Steve Bannon On With Maria Bartiromo, Hong Kong & China, The Eagle Is Destroying the Dragon, Farmers Back PDJT’s China Policy, Small Businesses Are Prospering Under PDJT, Gen Z #WalksAway, KAC Drops the Truth About Bill Clinton & Epstein, WALL Update, Minnesota Is VERY Winnable for PDJT In 2020, God Bless Both of Them…..

Steve Bannon was on Maria’s show yesterday. It was an excellent conversation.

Topics included the U.S-Mexico border security and immigration; the 2020 democrat candidates (announced and unannounced); the bigger geopolitical issues behind the U.S-China trade conflict; Joe and Hunter Biden’s direct financial relationship to the Chinese communist government; the USMCA trade agreement; Trump’s leverage to increase an EU free economic alliance against China; and radical action by dems.

I actually agree with Bannon’s assessment of the percentage of Hispanics that will vote for our President.

From the article linked above:

Steve praised President Trump and even suggested Trump may get 40-50% of the Hispanic Vote in the upcoming election.

Steve Bannon: To defeat Donald Trump you have to defeat him. He’s the toughest candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. Tougher than Ronald Reagan. And so you’re going to have to bring it… Remember what President Trump is trying to do on the border is all about the rule of law. I happen to think he’s going to get 40 or 50% of the Hispanic vote in this country.

China is beginning to move their military around Hong Kong as protests continue.

Kyle Bass is an excellent follow on Twitter.

Here are some more pictures and videos.

China has other problems as well. Our President and his Killers are destroying their economy with each passing day.

From the article linked above:

Even before the trade war, Xi Jinping’s plan to turn China into one of the world’s most advanced economies by 2050 was ambitious.

His grand vision is now looking more aspirational by the day. As mounting pressure from Donald Trump adds to a slew of structural challenges facing China’s $14 trillion economy — including record debt levels, rampant pollution, and an aging population — the risk is that the country gets stuck in a “middle-income trap,’’ stagnating before it reaches rich-world levels of development.

The International Monetary Fund highlighted President Xi’s challenge on Friday, saying in its annual report on China’s economy that if a comprehensive trade agreement isn’t reached, it would damage the nation’s long-term outlook. “China’s access to foreign markets and technology may be significantly reduced,” the IMF said.

It must have killed this MORON to have to do this report. American farmers are behind our President and what he is doing to China.

Meanwhile, Americans are continuing to prosper under PDJT!

From the article linked above:

It’s a sad fact but many national news outlets blatantly ignore how President Trump has done a great deal to revive and grow the economy and help small businesses prosper by increasing access to affordable, reliable energy.

Under President Trump, the U.S. is experiencing record-low unemployment and rising wages the previous administration repeatedly said wasn’t possible. As a result, small businesses are hiring at a record pace and President Trump’s goal of energy dominance has played a big part in this economic expansion. Rather than restrict energy production, Trump policies are creating record production of oil and natural gas, which in turn are stabilizing energy prices and costs for companies.

These stable or reduced fuel costs are especially beneficial to small businesses which are responsible for creating 62 percent of the jobs in the American economy. When small business owners pay less to power their operations or transport goods, they can grow, they can hire more people or pay higher wages to existing employees.

Another member of Generation Z has #WalkedAway from the Democrats.

No matter how much the MSM, Democrats, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. try, they will never be able to pin Epstein on our President. However, Bill Clinton has some serious issues ahead for him even with the murder of the POS.

Great update about the Wall!

From the article linked above:

The first section of President Trump’s border wall in Arizona is rising near Yuma.

After years of crowds shouting “build the wall” at political rallies and countless condemnations of the wall as xenophobic or a “vanity project” for Trump, the wall has taken the shape of square, metal poles jutting 30 feet up from the ground in San Luis, a border town south of Yuma.

So far, the wall stretches for about 10 miles along the border on the east side of San Luis.

When the 26-mile project is completed, it will extend farther east into the desert and farther west to the port of entry that connects San Luis with its Mexican counterpart, San Luis Rio Colorado.

This is the area where thousands of migrant families have climbed the border fence in the last year, and where the 30-foot wall eventually will be built.

Border wall status

Below is a breakdown of funding and border wall projects for the fiscal years under the Trump administration, according to an Aug. 2 report from Customs and Border Protection:

Fiscal 2017: $341 million

  • $292 million to replace 40 miles of fencing in the Border Patrol’s San Diego, El Centro, and El Paso sectors.
    • Nearly all of that construction is complete.
  • $49 million to build 35 border wall gates in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.
    • Currently under construction

Fiscal 2018: $1.375 billion to build 80 miles of border wall, some of which replaces fencing.

    • About 16 miles is complete.
    • Replace 14 miles of fencing near San Diego.
      • Construction began in February and is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

Build 25 miles of walls and levee walls in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

      • Construction began on 13 miles of new levee wall in Hidalgo County. Completion date depends on the availability of real estate.
      • Expect to award contract for 12 miles of wall in Starr County by end of 2019.

Contracts awarded to replace 37 miles of fence in Tecate and Calexico, California and Yuma. Option for four additional miles in Yuma.

    • Construction started in April. Expected to be complete in late 2020.

Fiscal 2019: $1.976 billion to build 11 miles of new levee wall and 74 miles of new wall in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

  • Contract awarded May 28 to build three miles of border wall. Construction expected to start in 2019. Expect to award the rest of the contracts by the end of the year.
  • Construction will avoid five parks and wildlife refuges.

Department of Defense funds: $2.5 billion in counter-narcotics funds to replace 129 miles of fencing in Yuma, El Paso, El Centro and Tucson sectors.

  • Construction delayed due to lawsuit. Supreme Court allowed plan to move ahead on July 26.

Our President lost Minnesota in 2016 by only 44K votes. A Republican hasn’t won the state since Nixon in 1972. There were 3 factors on why our President lost in Minnesota.

1) Minnesota starts early voting before any other state in the country. It begins 40 days prior to Election Day. The Access Hollywood tape played a major role in the mins of voters since it happened while early voting was taking place.

2) Libertarian, Gary Johnson, got 112K votes while Evan McMullin got 53K votes

3) Our President didn’t campaign or hold rallies in the state.

From the article linked above:

To win a second term, Trump is going to need a similar level of success in the Midwest, and it looks as though Minnesota, which has long been thought of as an iron-clad Democratic stronghold, could be a big part of his 2020 strategy — and for good reason.

Without Minnesota, the Democratic presidential candidate — regardless of who wins the primary race — would face a nearly insurmountable uphill battle. For example, even if the Democratic challenger were to flip Michigan and Pennsylvania to his or her side, it still wouldn’t be enough to win if Trump were to hold every other state he captured in 2020 and wins in Minnesota. Winning Minnesota would also mean that Trump could lose Florida and Arizona — two states he won in 2016 — and still end up with more than the required 270 electoral votes.

Many Republicans concerned about Trump voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson, who received more than 112,000 votes, or conservative Trump critic Evan McMullin, who garnered more than 53,000 votes. It’s unlikely similar candidates will get the same level of support in 2020, which means Trump should have a better shot in Minnesota than he did in 2016.

There’s another great reason to believe Trump has a good shot of winning Minnesota: Democrats are increasingly moving away from the policies swing voters in the state have long valued in favor of radical progressivism and even socialism.

If Minnesota’s more moderate Democrats realize that, it could mean huge trouble for whomever the party’s left-wing base chooses to face off against Trump. And there’s a great reason to believe they will take notice thanks in part to freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

This is the America that I love and cherish!